A little Christmas spirit called Toby

Last week I had a visit from a little friend Toby. He courteously said hello then promptly carted his carer off to the back of the shed where he was caught by a whiff of something very interesting in the children’s toy section. Toby was being polite and not jumping up but he obviously wanted to investigate more thoroughly so I lifted him into the toy box. Well! He snuffed and he scruffed, and sniffed at each toy. There was something in there he really wanted. He spent a good couple of minutes until finally he settled on one little green Christmas bear. Now he’d made his choice it was off to show his new toy to all in the shed. He showed it to me, then Brian and a few other passers by. Once it had been paraded around it was onto he couch to simply adore. I’m not sure who was happier Toby or myself and the other customers watching this beautiful little dog so intent on finding his Christmas gift and then showing it off. Thank you Helen. It just reminds me – happiness can be found in small things, simple acts and good friendship. Merry Christmas everyone.

One thought on “A little Christmas spirit called Toby

  1. Andy, When i arrived home last night from the delights of Afghanistan via Melbourne Toby sniffed and snuffed and snuffled through ALL of my travelling things with a definite intention. He opened containers, he unfolded clothes, he checked all the pockets of all the clothes and all the pockets of all the baggage. He was downright foxed. Surely if Helen had been away for two weeks she would have found something ww&drh to bring home to the dog.
    Well actually I did. Toby, I really did . On the streets of the other continent I found a child’s tooth brush by a rubbish bin. It was funny, it had eyes and it was chewy, so of course I knew I had The perfect present.
    I had ferreted it away somewhere, but where was it now? Well Toby was still intent until eventually and luckily (for both of us) he found the treasure well wrapped in a plastic bag inside a piece of clothing that he needed to have shaken somewhat more…
    ….And they all (except the toothbrush as a matter of course ) lived happily, for the moment, ever after….


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