Back in the shed

Well there were people lined up at the door waiting to get back into the shed this week. It seems I was somewhat missed : ) I hope everyone’s had a good Christmas break. 

So I’m starting a web page for Andys salvage – for those people (like my mum : ) who do not want to sign up to Facebook. I thought anyone could view a FB page but it puts up a rather annoying ‘sign up’ panel. So I hope everyone can bear with me while I try to work out the best way to post to both my web page and Facebook. Here goes…

Anyone interested in an old TAB counter from the 1970’s? Beautifully made in solid Tas oak with veneer and hessian laminex top. $350 o.n.o.



3 thoughts on “Back in the shed

  1. Gosh!
    Toby reckons that now he knows where Helen goes out to “she will never go out without me again.”

    In, over, around, under, through, on, behind all thing weird, wonderful and down right handy.
    Toby thought that all his Christmases had come at once.
    Beeline the toy corner to rummage for what he wanted and a quick search through ww&drh locates the couch to test it out on!

    A few more circuits around while I asked him, nicely …grrr to get into the car. He discovered the place next door and found the office for a perfunctory ‘ask’ about doing a few exploratory laps of their warehouse too.

    Come evening; in bed, paw and nose on his Christmas puppy and a big smile on his sleeping foxy face.

    Thankyou, Andy for sharing and contributing to the happiness.

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